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Terms & Conditions

Exchange Period: 

   a) within 7 calendar day after received.
   b) after the 7 calendar day after recevied will not accept any exchange 1 to 1.
   *Note: accept the item below, item is not able to exchange such as clothing,bags & wallets, 
   a) OEM - 3 month warranty / Original - 1 year warranty

1) This product is warranted against defective materials and manufacturing faults for 3 month to 12 months from the date received. 
2) This warranty is void:
     - If product is damage by accident or mishandling, and failure of follow enclosed instructions.
     - If repaired by any unauthorised personnel/technician.
     - If any part(s) there in is altered, adjusted, dismantle, modified or tampered in any way whatsoever by any unauthorised personnel.
      - If without invoice and receipt and other full particular not clearly shown or alterations made against the actual information,e.g. invoice number and invoice date.
      - If original Warranty invoice does not accompany product.
3) All freight and any forwarding expenses incurred are to be borne by member/customer and are not covered by the warranty. 
4) This warranty DOES NOT cover any parts subjected to wear and tear of the body and the other accessory items. 
5) In no event shall Cheaper.my or their appointed stockist be liable for special or consequential damages or for any delay in the performance of this warranty due to causes beyond their control.
6) Other than explicitly stated hereon, this warranty DOES NOT commit the company to other forms of liabilities.