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[Household Laundry Scent Beads] Laundry Dobi Scent Beads 72 hours Lasting Fragrance Dobi Baju Bau Wangi

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Product Code: HHC0008 (J1.5)
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* HHC0008:


  • Mewangikan pakaian
  • Melembutkan pakaian
  • Boleh juga digunakan sebagai pewangi didalam bilik & almari
  • Boleh juga dibancuh & dijadikan semburan fabrik seperti langsir, karpet & semburan ketika menggosok. 
  • Terdapat 4 pilihan haruman iaitu LAVENDER, ROSE, FRESH dan LEMON 
  • MINI PACK yg senang dibawa travel 


How to use:

  • When washing clothes by ?washing machine:
  • 1. Put in the clothes
  • 2. Sprinkle the laundry scent beads directly into the washing bucket
  • 3.After the washing machine is finished, it will emit a clear fragrance after drying, which is comfortable and charming!
  • When washing clothes by hand, soak the clothes in a bucket for 30 minutes, and then pour some perfume beads during the soaking process.
  • In order to achieve the effect of lasting fragrance,recommended to add each time:
  • 6~12 pieces of clothes, 5~10g fragrance beads
  • The special effect of the product: 
  • After long-term feedback from sales customers, it is concluded that after using the product, it will be disinfected! Get rid of the mites! Remove the odor! The effect is perfect.


  • The fragrance-retaining beads have no cleaning effect and cannot be used as a substitute for laundry detergent, but they help the clothes retain fragrance long lasting fragrance.


Package Contents:

  • 1 x 55g / 110g Laungry Beads